Freelance sites

Free lance is working from the comforts of your home and doing jobs of various types:article writing,data entry,graphic designing,site building,coaching,consultant etc.Free lance sites help freelancers find work and help company's by offering them some one who would do their work.Free lance sites are free to join ,you sign up and are presented with a wide range of job offers from writing a simple article to designing a complex  website.

Odesk is a big name in freelance market,if you have spend some time in freelance business you  would definitely  know about it.The one i thing i really like about the site is that they have no paid membership,Everyone joins for frees thus everyone one has a equal chance of getting a job.The site earns by deducting 10% commission from the total amount the employer pays(if the employer pays 100$,90 will go to freelancer while the remaining 10 will give to O desk as commission).Their was no difficulty in searching for jobs and navigating around the site.Their  payment method also seems sound, they have an odesk software which take 6 screen shots/hour of contractors(freelancers) working ,calculates work hours  and then pays through money bookers,pioneer master debit card,wire transfer and US contractors(freelancers) can have money deposited direct into their bank account.Click on the banner below to visit the site


Its a USA based site since 1998, having a basic member ship which is free and a individual membership which costs 10$/month.Individual membership has benefits like more proposal to clients per month, preferred placement in search and more keywords allotment.they charges a commission of 6.75-8.75% per proposal(for eg you agree to work for 20$, of that 20$, 6.75-8.75% will go elance as commission and the rest will be your earning). Navigating around the site is easy and finding jobs is just one click away,Payment is done through escrow to ensure secure and fair transfer.Once funds are in escrow then only you are obligated to work and when the client is satisfied with the work then only will the actual payment be handed out.Client canot refund from escrow until thier is a breach in the terms of contract like work not getting done on time or client not satisfied with the work.Its a really great site to begin your freelancer career.Click here to visit the site.


Just like odesk its also a major freelance site offering a free membership and a gold membership costing 24.95$/month(yeah i know..expensive!).Their are various benefits of gold membership including 3% commission on proposals/bids(normally the commission is 10%),getting more business and a ability to add a portfolio to profile.Basic/free members can place 30 bids or proposals/month while gold member can place 150 bids or proposals /month.The site is user friendly and nothing is difficult to find here but One thing i don't like about the site is its payment system,it doesn't support escrow(discussed on elance review) which is in my point of view is must for any freelance site as it makes both clients and freelancer feel secure and less prone to scams, freelancer supports pay pal,money bookers and wire transfer,it also has a non compulsory milestone payment system,employer pays to freelancer site in advance and when the work is complete and both employer and freelancer agree, payment is handed here to visit the the site.

Note:All the sites that i have reviewed here are the best in freelance business,generally they  all  have good service,so its better to join more then one site and see which one suites you best,joining more site will also increase you chances of getting a job,but be warned before taking up a job thoroughly check the employers  profile to make sure that he will pay you and will not cause problems at the end.