Sunday, March 10, 2013

Automated Paydays is a scam

Automated paydays is a scam package which is being  endorsed by fake news site finance reports. Click on the tabs on the top of the site like home, economy etc and each one will open  automated paydays page.

I was led to finance reports by an ad, which has an article about a single mom kelly richard who after discovering automated paydays got rid of all her finance problems. This mom success story is nothing new, it has been done by many scam sites to promote their money making kits. From finance reports i entered automated pay days.Automated pay days website has a special report from Melanie pearson a single mom , who tells of her financial problems and  how she was helped by a man named Jamie Shaw in making a lot of money online and now she is recommending his money making package " Automated pay days" to help other people like her. The way that you will be able to make a lot of money  according to malena pearson is by posting links for big companies. This is not true, big companies don't pay people to post links as a matter of fact nor does anyone else. True their is affiliate marketing and online advertising but it works differently. From what i can understand of posting links is that you will be asked to post ads for different products, which requires money or you will be told to post links of different products on a website which they will give you and website will have up keep charges which you will be required to pay in addition to the  initial high cost of the package. 

Once you read thier disclaimer you can easily know that something's not right and be sure to read it. In the sales page its stated that Automated paydays  is a risk free investment  and you can earn $15 posting one link, while in disclaimer its being said "The typical purchaser does not make any money using this does not guarantee income or success". Below are some other statements from the disclaimer:
"The results of the students show in the video and other testimonials are not typical of our average student. In some cases actors and stock images have been used."
 "Please Note: Additional Charges May Apply. As with any Internet Business you may need to pay for additional products or services. For example: Hosting costs, domain name costs, advertising costs, internet and broadband costs."

On closing the webpage without buying you will be offered the package for $49( initially it was $59), i am sure if their package did half of what they claim they wouldn't have to resort to these shady techniques. Stay away from Automated Paydays its too good to be true.

Automated Paydays

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Google Sniper X

Google sniper X by George brown is a package that you will make you rich in no time, all you have to do is follow the instructions strictly or so Mr brown claims who was a furniture mover but due to his bad financial condition turned to internet, where after much hard work he found immense success and now he wants to share it with us, of course for a little donation

 At the starting of video george brown tells us that this package may not work for some of us and all the earning displayed are his and we may not reach that level but after that  for the whole video he assures us that anyone can do it, the only condition is following instructions "strictly". George brown says that Google sniper x doesnt need any expertise, all you is need is a working computer and internet connection, Google sniper x is a package that exploits loophole in a $16000000 market and siphones some of the cash to you and mr brown has made sure that you succeed by selling his package to a selected few so their is almost no competition, he also tells us that he has spent a lot of cash  in further developing his package and improving it hence you should also donate if you want to be any part of this.. The end story is this that you donate $47 to google sniper x and then follow whatever the package says and you will be rich

I have  seen so many packages and schemes like this so its safe to say google sniper x is a scam, just like many other schemes , packages google sniper x makes promises of earning a lot of money with no effort and expertise. George brown  bashes other gurus and scammers, tell his story as a furniture mover whose is in debt just to gain your trust so that he can make money off you. A furniture mover with no expertise discovered  a loop hole in  some huge market... hard to believe isnt it?, these all scams have one thing in common they dont tell what the package will actually do, all they tell is how you will be rich and free from financial worries. The proof which they show is mostly click banks earning which can be easily duplicated and be sure to read the disclaimer as its telling a different story.  Their is no shortcut or some loop hole to make money off internet, it requires hard work and people like goerge brown give people false hope , they play with peoples feeling when they are most down. All these people are good at only one thing and that  is scamming people of their hard earned cash.

Google sniper X

Monday, September 3, 2012

Home income package

Just like thousands of other packages and systems home income package is also offering a lot of money with little effort. This seems to good to be true and it is

Home income package is a scam, and its really similar to online career package, home wealth solutions which also are scams that i recently reviewed. I am sure that like me you guys were lead to the site by finance reports news site, this site is fake, its just built for promoting this scam package. none of the tabs and links work and you cant comment on the site even though they are some comments which are recommding this package. This is very similar to the daily news 7 fake news site which was promoting scam product home wealth solutions, actually i think they only changed the name as the pictures, content and even comments are of daily news 7.Just Google daily news 7 and you'll see.

I am not going into details as i have already reviewed its sister sites which turned out to be a scam but if you want detials check my home wealth solutions and online career package review.Stay away from this package and its advertisements which are all over the internet, even on big sites like you tube.

Home income package